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The streets of La La Land are not for the faint of heart. On any given day, you can rub shoulders with movie stars, get the most perfect sun tan, and sit in traffic for hours on your way to the hottest concert or club. Nowhere is this more evident than Sunset Boulevard, a 22-mile stretch of street reaching from the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to downtown Los Angeles. The street—like the city it lives in—is a shimmering combination of beauty and style, as well as a bastion of cultural richness–especially when it comes to healthy eating.

From cold-pressed juices guaranteed to titillate your tummy to vegan dishes that jolt your taste buds, the avenue offers chow to suit everyone who wants to clean up their diet a little bit. With that in mind, here are the five best healthy restaurants on Sunset Blvd.

Doing the Juice

When talking about LA, we need to mention juicing. Did you realize there are actually juice bars where you can order nothing but fresh, expertly mixed juices? Raw Cane SuperJuice is the best such option among Sunset Blvd’s offerings. It’s located just 4 blocks east of the 101, right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The detox elixir has a spicy kick that keeps you coming back for more.

A Dash of Sweetness

Looking for something a little more solid? Open Source Organics is located just over 2 miles west of Raw Cane SuperJuice. This vegan restaurant on Sunset Blvd. is near Hollywood High School, which means you might see a movie star coming to pick up his or her (undoubtedly beautiful and wealthy beyond belief) offspring. Open Source Organics pretty much exemplifies everything you’ve heard about the health food craze, but balances it out with some serious yumminess. Try the Monkey Magic acai bowl, you won’t be disappointed.

Grubbing Like Everyone

If you want to be kind to your body without sacrificing taste and shared experience, rejoice! There are healthy places to eat on Sunset Blvd. that aren’t strictly foliage-based. Head an additional mile west from Open Source Organics to EVO Kitchen for some seriously delicious and Instagram-worthy grub. This family-owned joint uses locally sourced food and organic ingredients, and is a place where Los Angelenos can briefly set aside their foodie differences and come together for a tasty meal.

Dining Classics Vegan Style

Are you looking for classic dishes like French toast, grilled cheeseburgers, and pizza pies, but with a vegan twist? Make your way to Mohawk Bend located at 2141 Sunset Blvd, where a 100-year old Vaudeville theater has been transformed into one of Echo Park’s hottest healthy joints. The master chefs in this kitchen whip up crafty vegan dishes like they’re going out of style.

Healthy Options South of the Border

If you thought Mexican cuisine was nothing but fried tortillas stuffed with cheese you obviously haven’t been to 8720 W. Sunset Blvd where Tocaya Organica is located. The tasty dishes on their menu are made with farm-fed and free-range meats, sustainable seafood and locally grown produce. Their barrio style tacos and street corn en fuego are must-trys.

When in Los Angeles, do as Los Angelenos do. That means rolling down the windows, cranking up the music, and steering your rental car confidently down Sunset Boulevard. It also means doing something nice for your body. After all, you’ve gotta look good for your photo op at Santa Monica Beach.

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