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October 29, 2015
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You’ve read the magazine articles. You’ve watched the television shows. And now you’re convinced the food scene in Minneapolis, Minnesota – especially on Nicollet Avenue – is worth taking a crack at. Breakfast, coffee, lunch, and dinner, it’s all here. We’ve gathered the best restaurants in Minneapolis for you to check out so you’re not wandering like a lost puppy, looking for the closest thing to chew on.

The Sun Also Rises

Breakfast in the Midwest is somewhat of a daily holiday and the portions look like something only a John Deere can bring to the table. The Blackbird Café at 3800 Nicollet Ave. is the place you want to find yourself to begin the day. Start with a refreshing glass of orange juice and then fill your belly with a larger-than-normal plate of oxtail hash. The combination of braised beef mixed with citrusy hollandaise is something to experience in one’s lifetime. And the sweet potato biscuits and gravy? Forget about it.

Are You Hip?

Once you’re able to peel yourself out of your chair, cross the street and head one block north to Five Watt Coffee. Sit with the self-declared jesters and unicorn hoarders – as the owners proudly describe themselves to be – while sucking down a traditional espresso. Or get adventurous and sip an LP – a coffee concoction with an ancient Chinese secret ingredient among the brew

Just Afternoon, Way Before Dinner

When you think of lunch, gourmet isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Unless you’re craving a juicy burger with more than tomato and lettuce. Follow your nose south and drive down to The Lowbrow – one of the Twin Cities best restaurants. The cartoonish wildlife paintings adorning the wall give off a relaxing, picture book sentiment. Nestle yourself into a booth and place an order for the Highbrow Burger. A delicious, 100 percent grass-feed Minnesota beef patty topped with melted brie, caramelized onions, field greens, and garlic aioli. Do you feel your knees quivering yet? Just wait until they slide a basket of bison chili-cheese fries in front of you. You might need a bolt of lightning to get up.

Dinner and Skeeball

I know we’re all supposed to be adults here, but come on. Let that inner-child run free for a night. There’s no place better to do that than at Pat’s Tap. This legendary local haunt resides at 3510 Nicollet Ave. S. and should be where your night draws to a close. Get there for happy hour and enjoy two dollars off select appetizers. The food menu is like an anchor so you’ll be there through dinner. We almost feel guilty recommending something considering the options, but the lamb gnocchi and goat cheese fritters won’t hurt. You might as well stay after hours because the skeeball games really heat up after dinner. Yeah, you read that right. This place proudly declares itself a skeeball club.

Alright, now that we’ve yammered on longer than a distant relative, it’s time to explore Nicollet Ave. Gorge, feast, and devour all the tasty treats along this epic foodie avenue. Go now and be enriched by the best restaurants in the Twin Cities tomorrow.

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